Dimitris Paximadis

Linkedin Link Ex General Manager and  share holder BBDO Advertising, AthensEx Managing Director, President and major share holder, OgilvyOne AthensMember of NGO ΚΕΜΕΛ Dimitris Paximadis assists startuppers to effectively apply the Lean Startup Methodology using a customer centric road map based on the following Marketing and Communications Discipline: 1. Know your Prime Prospect2. Know your Prime Prospect's Problem3. Position your brand as a Solution and4. Communicate Effectively.Organization of bootcamps and regular training sessions is an integral part of the mentorship with the support of the other expert members of KEMELBackground information:Studies Miami University (BS in Industrial Engineering), MBA studies, Xavier University.Working experience Program Analyst / Supervisor,  IBM WTC Detroit  and Athens. Marketing Services Manager, Coca-Cola Export, AthensGeneral Manager and  share holder BBDO Advertising, AthensManaging Director, President and major share holder, OgilvyOne Athens, 1987 - 2005. Member of KEMEL since 2010.Author:  “Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing”, and “From Promotion and Direct…

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Dionisios Spiliopoulos

Linkedin Link Lean startup Educator & Mentor Business Consultant  Ex CEO of SCHNSEIDER ELECTRIC ΑΕΒΕ  2002 to 2010 Dionisios Spiliopoulos is the President of KEMEL and within to the PoC program he provides general support to the awarded teams by the means of mentoring.Background information: 12 years Volunteer with ΚΕΜΕΛ. (Judge, Educator, Mentor ). As Business Consultant I worked from 2010 till today with the following companies.  RAYCAP, ΚΑΥΚΑΣ, ARCHIRODON, ZENON And METRON Energy Applications. Main objective to contribute in the areas of Strategy,  Organizational excellence and Business Develoment.  Diploma of Electrical & Mechanical Engineer of NTU.  Various Seminars & Courses in Strategy, Management , Business Development Lately LeanStartup Educator  / Venturewell Boston See all the Mentors

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Katerina Papathoma

Linkedin Link Managing Consultant & Founder of the MGC Consulting Services company - Member of KEMEL NGOEx Coordinating Medical Director Janssen EMEA Mid-sized Markets Janssen EMEA MSL Council Chairperson Member of the MSM LT and the EMEA MEDICAL AFFAIRS LT Katerina Papathoma has undertaken the mentoring of the teams MaGOS and BIOPIX – T. Her strong experience from the pharmaceutical industry as also her passion with volunteering has helped the teams from day one to define goals and parameters that are suitable within their company's culture and commercialization goals. She has managed to build a very functional relationship with the teams and therefore to successfully assist their development by assisting them to: 1.  Determine their goals - clearly identify what should be achieved, how achievements are tied to business objectives, and how to measure success 2.  Choose the right people according to the company’s need and its future success 3.…

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