Proposals Submission  Spring Phase Deadline (extended to) 10th May 2019

Proposals Submission Spring Phase Deadline (extended to) 10th May 2019

Patras Science Park online platform for the 2nd round of registration and submission of the Proof of Concept (PoC) proposals is active!

Proposals Sumbission
For the upcoming Spring Phase, the deadline for proposals submission is extended until 10 May. The final evaluation by the Advisory Board will be at 12th & 13th of June 2019.
Proposals are submitted only in English

Evaluation Process
After the proposals submission, an evaluation process will follow of each submitted proposal by the judges of the Program.
Patras Science Park invites each interested party to apply as judge by registering on the online platform no later than 30th April 2019.
The judges are experienced individuals from Greece and abroad who provide specially formulated summary report for each applicant. They are not rewarded for their services. Precisely, judges will contribute in the 1st stage of the program by evaluating each proposal which will be submitted from the applicants. Each proposal will be evaluated by 3 judges and
each judge evaluates up to 2 proposals. In the course of the evaluation, each judge grades each proposal with respect to the evaluation criteria, adequately substantiating each individual criterion.

Advisory Board
At the end of the submission procedure, the evaluation process is overseen by an international Advisory Board (AB) of experts from both the Greek and the international technological ecosystem.
Each awarded project will be continuously assessed and its support will be interrupted if it is negatively evaluated by the AB. The best proposals will be officially announced by the Program Advisory Board in the middle of June.

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