Spring Phase Proposals Submission Deadline

Patras Science Park online platform for the 3rd round of registration and submission of the Proof of Concept (PoC) proposals is active! Proposals Submission For the upcoming Autumn Phase, the deadline for proposals submission is 31st October  given that the final evaluations from the Advisory Board will be at 3 & 4 December 2019. Proposals are submitted only in English. Evaluation Process At the end of the proposals submission, an evaluation process will follow of each submitted proposal by the judges of the Program. Patras Science Park invites each interested party to apply as judge by registering on the online platform no later than 18th of October 2019. The judges are experienced individuals from Greece and abroad who provide specially formulated summary report for each applicant. They are not rewarded for their services. Precisely, judges will contribute in the 1st stage of the program by evaluating each proposal which will…

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PRESS RELEASE: Proof of Concept Programme Awarded Proposals of 2nd Round

The 2nd Round of the Proof of Concept (PoC) was successfully completed after a creative 2-day evaluation of the Advisory Board at the Patras Science Park premises. 17 proposals were submitted from all over Greece, with high scientific background, great extroversion and potential of commercial exploitation. Advisory Board’s task assured by 27 evaluators (among 84 registered in PoC database) in the evaluation of the proposals, coming from research centres, universities and the productive sector both from Greece and abroad.  The evaluation of the Advisory Board was carried out by specialized executives of the European Union and Israel. Out of 17 proposals, the Advisory Board selected to meet via teleconference 5 pre-selected proposals separately. The awarded proposals which will be funded up to 50.000 euro, are the following 3 proposals: 1. PoC proposal: Novel low cost materials for in-situ treatment of oil drilling wastewater- MOFBAG Applicant's Full name: Emmanouil Manos Host…

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PRESS RELEASE: Proof of Concept Awarded Proposals 1st Round

After a creative 2-day evaluation of the Advisory Board at Patras Science Park, the 1st round of the Proof of Concept program was successfully completed with the announcement of the award proposals. 33 proposals were submitted from all over Greece and 70 evaluators contributed to their evaluation from the research institutes and the productive sector of the country and abroad! All the proposals were remarkable, with high potential, from which three were selected for funding. The results were announced at a special event which took place at the Patras Science Park with the presence of Mr. Nikos Balabanis- Deputy Regional Governor for Energy and Environment, Mr. Petros Mantas - SEVIPA President, representatives of the Chamber of Achaia, Prof. Giorgos Salahas - Vice-President of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece, Mr. Bourganos - Director of ICE-HT, as well as many representatives of the productive sector. The final evaluation of the Advisory…

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