The rating criteria are the following three (3):

Criterion # 1: Excellence in the Content of the Innovative Idea (Grade: 0-3)

Criterion # 2: Expected economic benefits and marketability of the idea (Grade: 0-4)

Criterion # 3: Qualitative Features and Assessment of Budget Implementation Effectiveness (Grade: 0-3)

All three criteria are exclusion criteria (ON/OFF). In particular, each proposal passes to the next criterion only if it meets each criterion separately. Otherwise, the proposal is rejected.

The Advisory Board draws up a Specific Evaluation Sheet. Each evaluator grades each proposal with respect to the evaluation criteria, adequately substantiating each individual criterion. The Advisory Board may cut the budget of the proposal on the basis of relevant documentation.

It should be noted that funding is allotted for five projects in each phase. Unused funds from a phase are transferred to the next one.

Each Project Manager is informed electronically about the outcome of the evaluation, either for the approval or the rejection of the Proposal. In case of approval, the Project Manager is required to submit the necessary supporting documents.

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