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    Criterion 2 – Expected benefits*

    • plans to assess and demonstrate the effectiveness of the project outcomes;
    • plans to clarify the IPR position and strategy or knowledge transfer strategy;
    • plans for setting up contacts with industry partners, societal or cultural organisations, policymakers or any other potential ‘end users’ of the projects’ results.
    Evaluation Criteria 2 Section 2 of proposal (max 3,500 characters)
    Is the project to be taken to proof of concept expected to generate any effect or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services and are these appropriately identified in the proposal?
    Does the proposal provide a suitable outline of how the commercialisation or the generation of the above listed benefits will be achieved?
    The proposal should include:
    • Identification and description of any effect or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy/services.
    • Outline of the value creation process (plans for the knowledge transfer, the commercialisation or any other process foreseen to generate the above listed benefit) This should include proposed plans to:
      1. assess and validate the effectiveness of the project’s outcomes (Testing, technical reports or any other form of validation to confirm that the solution is effective, efficient, sustainable, or just) (where applicable)
      2. set up contacts with industrial partners, societal or cultural organisations, policy makers or any other potential users or sponsors of the projects’ results (where applicable


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